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Based in Canada, I Am Robot And Proud is the name Shaw-Han Liem works under to create his singular brand of hypnotic, beguiling electronic pop music. 'Grace Days' is the long awaited full-length follow-up to his 2000 debut album 'The Catch'. Since the release of 'The Catch' Shaw-Han has been busy with releases on the German label Mira ('Spring Summer Autumn Winter' 10" EP) and Piehead Records (remix work compiled on 'You Make Me This Happy'). Expectation has been high for his next full length release, and 'Grace Days' succeeds in living up to this. Following the initial burst of colour and texture that 'The Catch' offered, 'Grace Days' amplifies and extends it, allowing form and structure to be abstracted, as on tracks like ''Mexico City' and 'Friction On Teeth', with fantastic results. Shaw-Han also manages to invest an even more depth and emotion to the melodies than before. The beautiful delicate harmonies on 'Her Version' lull you into a warm, inviting trance, and the title-track opener brings together acoustics and electronics in a way that would make you re-consider how the two styles could ever have been divorced from each other for so long. At nine tracks, 'Grace Days' is a compact, perfectly formed fabergé-egg of a record. A sweet, fragile, opulent work that will subtly draw you in, making you wonder how you lived without I Am Robot And Proud before.
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