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Tangerine Dream

Electronic Meditation 180g LP

One of the first electronic punk albums in history. When TANGERINE DREAM's debut Electronic Meditation was recorded, there was virtually no electronic music equipment available, yet the band managed to make unusual sounds by using everyday objects, such as a sieve filled with dried peas, an old office calculator, 2 old iron bars and parchment paper. These were recorded with a microphone and then run through reverbs and delays. The results were not always very tonal and miles apart from a commercial pop sound. Furthermore, the studio equipment they had at their disposal was at best very sparse and everything was recorded directly onto a Revox 1/4" tape machine during one of the band's rehearsals at an old factory in October, 1969 in Berlin. This album was also the only TD record to feature electronic musician KLAUS SCHULZE on drums. 180-gram vinyl pressing with outer PVC audiophile dustsleeves.
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