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Number Three in the LOAD Split Series. A standoff match up between Dearborn, Michigan's pride VIKI and Lexington, Kentucky's offspring, HAIR POLICE. VIKI brings a free range roving donkey ride with squeaky beats, microphones up mouths and zooming crunch. Prepare to be astounded with sounds that make the goose loose. VIKI's dates with ADULT, are proof that she brings the cars with boom. Think VIKI in the same fresh breath as lo-fi speaker technicians like SUICIDE and WOLF EYES' minimal electronic splurt. For those not afraid to get their sneakers dirty. The middle of the United States is enjoying musical freedom - support freedom, and stock up on this release, patriot. HAIR POLICE are another side of this silver coin that channel classic crunch climbers like THROBBING GRISTLE. HAIR POLICE have been known to expend thousands of calories during their live sets, amounts not seen since BLACK FLAG's heydey. FISHER PRICE toys taken apart and amplified, guitars used to hammer tacks, and drums used to tie shoes - good time rock and roll my friends. Hop on weirdo, you know you love it. Vinyl is out on Michigan Label Scratch 'n' Sniff Entertainment.
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