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Signaldrift is Franz Buchholtz. He has been refining and updating his electro soundtrack signature for more than a few years. With a slew of self-released albums behind him, we felt the time was right for a proper album to be presented on Wobblyhead. The sound on Compass is decidedly uptempo. Ass-shake factor has been reconfigured but the shimmering moods and textures remain, retaining the warm flare that has always been the foundation of Signaldrift's aural output. Signaldrift keeps the clutter in check and adds only the necessary elements to hold down the groove. The diplomatic use of drum machine and live percussion drive these songs and the Peter Hook style basslines and shimmering keyboards give the songs depth and a nagging familiarity. Imagine the soundtrack to the discoteque in Cloud City, with pilled-up shimmy-bots drifting about the fringes. Whether you're a disc jockey or armchair enthusiast, Compass will move your feet and tickle your brain. 8 tracks of minimalist, cinematic electro for punks in pumps are on the menu. Factory records updated. John Carpenter on a bender. Not body popping zombies but rather Ginger Rogers wearing samplers on her feet. The queue starts here. ** CD copies of Compass include the now out-of-print Bremen Ep which was only available on vinyl.
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