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Double CD for the price of 1, the "definitive anthology of ACR recordings from 1978-85". Well packaged per the Soul Jazz standard, with a 36 booklet of historical photos and a long interview the band. "A Certain Ratio were the first group (alongside Joy Division) to sign to Manchester's infamous Factory Records in 1978, future home of New Order, Happy Mondays. As purveyors of dance music in the aftermath of Punk, A Certain Ratio led the field. After Punk, a new set of groups emerged who wanted to mix Dance music -- Funk, Soul, Reggae, Disco with the spirit of Punk: Groups such as A Certain Ratio, Cabaret Voltaire, 23 Skidoo and The Pop Group were the first UK groups to bring Dance music into their sound. In New York's dance clubs ACR's 'Shack Up' became an underground Dance hit in places like Paradise Garage and The Roxy, leading to them playing live in New York's Danceteria with seminal New York group ESG and their first album being recorded in New Jersey mixed by legendary Factory producer Martin Hannett.. Here ACR first encountered Nu Yorican Latin percussion/street music in Central Park. The following day ACR bought Bongos, Whistles and Congas and didn't look back! Mixing Punk, Funk and Latin percussion together to make a unique sound. Their sets often ended in ten-minute percussion jams, occasionally dressed in Brazilian Football gear! When Factory opened their new nightclub, The Hacienda, ACR played at the opening night along with ESG. A Certain Ratio were a band ahead of their time mixing Dance music with Punk spirit. When asked by Tony Wilson (founder of Factory) what ACR sounded like, style guru Peter York replied that they sounded 'Early'. 'Early what?' asked Wilson. 'No, just Early' came the reply. Soul Jazz Records are releasing a definitive compilation (2xCD, 2xLP) of ACR featuring classic tracks along with lots of rare stuff, interviews and original photos."
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