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Velvet Teen

The Great Beast February and Comasynthesis EPs CD

Hey, it's back! More or less the first nine songs of the band's wonderous existence all together on one CD. Re-released by us Slowdance kids, but with the same adorable artwork as before. THE VELVET TEEN's songs range from the beautiful to the bittersweet, with soaring countertenor melodies, tastefully delicate harmonies, and a unique rock sound not that is not to be missed. Although it is difficult to liken them to other artists, as their sound is ever evolving, they are often been compared to Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Sigur Ros and too many other bands to possibly list. THE VELVET TEEN are one of the few bands who succeed in both the studio and on stage and since their sound is so unstructured, they are able to blend in well on concerts with everyone from punk bands to electronic performers.
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