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Das Hattest Du Fruher LP

love at first sight - there are these rare and precious moments when you meet someone and you know from the first second on that this is the soul you have been looking for. it might be a shy smile, the way a cup of juice is held or a movement when a slide is put back in the hair - your heart fills with warmth instantly and you know that the both of you belong together. when we heard panamaformat's debut-album das hättest du früher haben können we looked at each other, shining with happiness - and we all knew: this is love at first sight. panamaformat is a band from cologne, formed in 1998 when croony songwriter holger f. ran into his old-school-pop companion marek richter. sharing the same special likings - sixties mods, seventies glamour, eighties pathos - they quickly decided to set up a musical shangri-la for the 21st century: panamaformat. jean sievers joined them with a set of irreparable keyboards that sounded like mantovani on a low-level attack. for two years they were undergoing a time-lapse metamorphosis of P!O!P!- music history ("from mersey to monte-video") in a messy washhouse underground and played several gigs in clubs and bars. 2000/01 was the time of recording sessions at holger's cosy home-studio where panamaformat discovered more and more synthetic spleens (roland programming and plastic orchestra). with each song, they refined "the panamaformat way": frenchy melodies and playful german lyrics (very holger), british taste and italian elegance (very marek), preussian pride and swedish ingenuity (very Jean) ... assembling bits and pieces together in a `song-bricolage' - panamaformat's first album was completed with a pretty nonchalant care that is so typical for each of them. a record that fits with apricot records so perfectly. love at first sight - and much, much more than a brief affair.
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