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Flashin Light CD

Continue the fascinating stereophonic adventure of the most eccentric and eclectic italian band VALVOLA, selected by the most important english magazine New Musical Express as one of the best italian acts of today. The song "Flashin' Light" (Some Girls Like To Disco) is a classical 'hit' from the Valvola repertory, originally released in the album "Teenagers Film Their Own Life" of 1997 (re-released in Japan, Germany and Usa). In this extravagant and attractive release this song is proposed again in five different versions by prestigious artists from all the world and fanatics of the spectacular sound of Valvola: FRANK POPP ENSEMBLE, graphic designer, artist and Dj at Unique (Germany), who has become famous worldwide with the hits "Hip Teens Don't Wear Blue Jeans" (included in the "Austin Powers 3" soundtrack movie), and "High Voltage" (selected as soundtrack for the Warner Bros. movie "Operation Swordfish" with John Travolta), COCOSUMA, unit of Parisian artists, wich last record "I Refuse To Remix" produced by Alex Gopher gives a renovation to the french new dance scene after the goals Air and Daft Punk, PINE*AM, the most exciting and wild electro-girl band from Osaka, Japan, defined by the U.K. press the 'new' Ladytron, ASTRO BLACK STEREO, the italian pionieers of the new funky-electro scene, soon out with the debut album on S.h.a.d.o. Records, wich sound is a meeting between Kraftwerk and Funkadelic, INSTANT CAFE RECORDS, a dj-producer very asked in Japan, who has just finished to produce the last album of Maki Nomiya, singer of Pizzicato Five, with her own project, Oui Oui. The version on 12" includes also TIPSY from U.S.A., who have remixed a song for the Pulp in their "This Is Hardcore" single, and have been remixed by Matmos, High Llamas, People Like Us and Optiganally Yours.
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