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Damien Jurado

Holding His Breath CD

In "Holding His Breath", the new Ep edited by Acuarela Discos, Damien exposes five delicately pure songs. "I am the greatest of all liars" reveals his enigmatic and elusive side, a catalogue of what we feel but can't see. "Oh death art with me" evokes the memory of Nick Drake, tarnished by the Yankee touch of Damien's voice and guitar; warning us that the Devil keeps an eye on us form the moment we set foot on Earth. "Big let down" is solitude and abandonment, turned into music by the rhythmical echoes of what could be a reminder of Neil Young, whilst "Now you're swimming" returns to the initial darkness, accompanied by a heart-piercing –schizophrenic at times chorus. "Butcher's boy" closes the sensational "Holding His Breath" with an accurate reminiscence of aromas from the Delta. Not meaning to sound trivial, it seems that Jurado is one of those people who think that the best blues in the world -or the lot of them, can be found in the Bible.
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