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Earth to Nigel

Run and Jump CD

Earth To Nigel are a 4 piece trashy, hardcore pop band from Sydney, Australia. The band came together in the small NSW country town of Berrigan, and has now been playing together for more than six years. During this time ETN has released 2 full length albums and one 7" single, and has also been featured on numerous compilation albums, both in Australia and overseas. The Earth To Nigel sound revolves heavily around punchy pop hooks, catchy melodies, scathing rhythym guitars and sharp lyrics. Recorded over many months, "Run and Jump" brought together all of the things people had begun to associate with the band. It marked the return of the same energy and sharp lyrics found on "So you wanna be a spy" and also brought to the table a more polished and refined sound overall. The sheer variety of the songs on the album is impressive in it's own right, but the quality of songwriting is consistent throughout, leaving no doubt that Earth To Nigel can produce catchy and well crafted songs with great ease.
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