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Club 8

Strangely Beautiful CD

RECOMMENDED!!! 'Strangely Beautiful' is the fifth full-length CD from Club 8, and their third for Hidden Agenda Records. A sexy, compelling, lavishly appointed album with a surprisingly focused sound from this Swedish duo, includes the shagadelic feelgood retro-pop single "Saturday Night Engine". Johan Angergård (Acid House Kings/Poprace) and Karolina Komstedt (Poprace) have outdone themselves yet again on this, their best album to date. Their last album, 'Spring Came, Rain Fell', was a varied mix of everything from dulcet electronica to indie disco. This time the sounds snuggle in closer to the listener for a warmer, more acoustic collection of songs, and even more sensitive, if that's even possible! A melancholy masterpiece recommended to fans of: The Cardigans, St. Etienne, Tahiti 80, Black Box Recorder, Trembling Blue Stars, Acid House Kings, Everything But The Girl, Field Mice, Folksongs For The Afterlife, and the most sensual, slinkiest Swedish pop. Club 8 is easily one of the finest of the genre! Features guest vocals by Christopher Sander of Chasing Dorotea.
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