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Songs for Psychotic Children CD

San Francisco female-fronted trio THE VANISHING at last unmask their debut full-length recording, Songs for Psychotic Children. Rising like a spectre in the fog over the Bay Area's indie graveyard, THE VANISHING breed early-eighties gothic punk with synth-driven dance rhythms to create the most memorable "new wave" hybrid this side of THE FAINT. Born from the ashes of earlier bands like SUBTONIX (singer-bassist-saxaphonist Jessie Eva), THE LIES (synth player Sadie Shaw), and the still-functioning ZONETECH (drummer Brian Hock), THE VANISHING have rapidly become a SF favorite on the strength of their debut 10" EP (Cochon Records) and unforgettable live shows. Recalling classic sounds like those of THE CURE, SISTERS OF MERCY, NEW ORDER and SPECIMEN, THE VANISHING are another gateway into a punk-goth-disco underworld populated by contemporaries such as GLASS CANDY, SUBTONIX, KILL ME TOMORROW, RADIO VAGO, and others. Recorded by the tireless Tim Green (MELVINS, PLEASURE FOREVER), the album is 30-plus minutes of high-fidelity, uptempo shock therapy to exorcise even the most stubborn dancefloor demon in you.
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