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Von Trapps

This is The Von Trapps CD

A debut release of wonderful dreampop from this southern California group you should recognize from some excellent compilation appearances (The Cocteau Twins tribute disc 'Half Gifts', as well as the immense double-disc 'Splashed With Many a Speck')
the von trapps are your new favorite band. sadly, however, like many of your other favorite bands, they are no longer together. rodney rodriguez (guitars) and jenny adams (vocals) had previously formed the core of the los angeles ethereal, dreampop band, elysium. after losing their second guitarist, the remaining members changed the band name to the von trapps in the spirit of taking a more pop approach to music. during a transitional period, with band members fluctuating, the von trapps fell below the radar for several years while expanding their sound into more noisy, indie rock + post-shoegaze territory. the band reached a period of stability, recording basic tracks for the ep, when matt gleason (drums) and nick marshall (keyboards) joined in 1999 and began performing at some of la's hippest venues after lief bunting (bass) came aboard. prior to this release, two early von trapps songs have surfaced on cd compilations from dewdrops recordsó "out in a boat" on splashed with many a speck in 1998 and "need fire" on half-gifts, a tribute to the cocteau twins in 2002.
this is the von trapps was recorded and mixed in pockets of time scattered from 2001 to 2002 in living rooms and bedrooms over many sleepless nights. as a first official release, it captures the indie-noise-pop concoction that the band has been developing, with some touches of bossa nova flair, pop crispness, and immense, crashing waves of guitars. jen's incomparable voice carries melodies effortlessly from your own forgotten dreams, like so many childhood summer evenings. while the band may no longer be with us, you can still partake of the von trapps experience through this is the von trapps.
currently, matt plays guitar in his band, melodyguild; leif continues as bassist in the rising la band hypnogaja; and jen, rod and nick are taking on new projects and opportunities as they arise.
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