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Acetate Zero

Softcore Paradise CD

RECOMMENDED!!! The Parisian band Acetate Zero has produced beautifully atmospheric rock discs for the past few years that could easily fit in with the discs produced by the North-American labels Constellation and Kranky. Their first album, Softcore Paradise, which was originally produced in limited edition on Orgasm Records, has recently been re-released on CD by the Californian label Drumkid Records. The CD, resonating with the same power as the first albums of Hood, Movietone, Empress, and Famous Boyfriend, is eighteen tracks long and a little over forty eight minutes. The tracks are mainly instrumental, sometimes breaking out in energetic and noisy blasts, sometimes unwinding into soothing ballads carried by Elsa's heart wrenchingly beautiful voice. The CD also includes three versions remixed by collaborating artists: the French electronic DJ Leverkusen, The Remote Viewer (ex-Hood) and Steward from Boyracer. Much like the image on the cover, the music of Acetate Zero is simultaneously terrestrial and celestial, realistic and idealistic. Bottom line, their haunting songs are melancholic, intimate, and passionate. Reviews:
"Once enveloped by the music of Acetate Zero, one is overcome with strong emotion. They are by far the most exciting French band of today and furthermore, one that is comparable to excellent bands the world over (...). To buy and to give without a second thought." (Matamore) "Without a doubt, Acetate Zero is an excellent group." (Popnews) "One could easily place Acetate Zero in the realm of atmospheric rock (think of Hood, Movietone, Flying Saucer Attack, Pan American or even the avant-rock scene of Montreal) but the music of these Parisians is big enough to stand in a class of its own." (Chronicart)
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