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LTM are pleased to announce the release of a new label compilation CD, which gathers choice tracks released in 2002 and 2003, as well as several juicy rarities. Black Music follows on from our popular 2001 compilation The Night Watch, and includes material from forthcoming releases by Paul Haig, Ultramarine, The Wake and Biting Tongues as well as acclaimed tracks from recent releases by Blue Orchids, Department S, Cath Carroll, The Passage and Minny Pops. The exclusive tracks include contributions from Ludus, Section 25, Blaine Reininger and Crispy Ambulance. Initial copies of the CD will contain a free 68 minute CD by Crispy Ambulance titled Atlantic Crossing featuring live performances from shows in Manchester and New York in November 2002. The full tracklist (18 tracks) for Black Music runs as follows: CRISPY AMBULANCE - Step Up! (remix), DEPARTMENT S - Going Left Right, BLUE ORCHIDS - Lover of Nothing, STOCKHOLM MONSTERS Terror, ARTERY Afterwards, SECTION 25 - Part Primitiv, THE WAKE - Town of 85 Lights (edit), CATH CARROLL - True Crime Motel (new version), BITING TONGUES - Love Out (edit), ULTRAMARINE - The Place, PAUL HAIG - Flight X, BLAINE REININGER Invisible, MINNY POPS Tracking, THICK PIGEON Crime, THE PASSAGE - My One Request, LUDUS - Rosa Luxembourg, ROYAL FAMILY & THE POOR - Liber OV, CRAWLING CHAOS Arabesque.
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