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Women & Children are Kevin Lasting (California) June Serwa (Canada) Jamie Moon (California) and Olivier Robert (France) and formed in October 2001. This is their debut release, a self titled album written and recorded at their flat in Paris. France. Although Women & Children like to play with and combine elements of folk, experimentalism, goth-rock, abstraction, acoustic meanderings, and melodic texture, at the core of many of their songs is the enchanting voice of June Serwa. Their influences are wide and varied and result in a sound soft and saturated with haunted acoustics and illuminated melodies. The instruments used and who plays them vary from song to song, but together the music they create radiates a seamless flow of playful originality. Although largely unknown to the world their music is beginning to circulate in underground circles and has already been embraced by the likes of Chan Marshall of Cat Power and Colm O'coisoig former drummer of My Bloody Valentine, now playing with Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions. W&C have already recorded a new EP, which is expected later in the year. Currently they are touring as the opening band for Cat Power's European summer 2003 tour.
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