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Ibon Errazkin

Escuela de Arte CD

Second solo album of the brilliant and amazing Ibon Errazkin (ex- LE MANS); instrumental pieces, filled with striking sounds, emotions and pop sensitivity. This album reaches even farther beyond the stunning aims of his first album; the listener will find brilliant pop straight away, as well as a meticulous production. Cuts that surprise you in the first listening and enchant you to press the repeat button over and over. Musicians who lent their talents to the making of this album: Murky (guitar), Guillermo Monje (drums), Olaf Ladousse (bass and doo-rag pedals), Antonio Galvaņ (pianoand synthesizer), Sergio Delgado (sound engineer). Cover design by Javier Aramburu, designer of all of his works since AVENTURAS DE KIRLIAN.
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