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Bright Eyes

Letting Off the Happiness CD

Bright Eyes is an ever-changing entity. It's only constant is singer/songwriter Conor Oberst whose lyrical and musical ability continue to amaze us. When Conor finished writing these ten songs, he gathered together a large group of musicians, some of them close friends and others mere acquaintances to lay down tracks of keyboards, drums, samples, pedal steel guitar, piano, and various other instruments lying around. Some of them recorded in his basement on an old eight track analog system, and others accompanied him into the 16 track Athens, GA recording studio known as chase park transduction. Over those twelve months, the host of musicians that showed up to contribute included members of Cursive, Drip, Lullaby for the Working Class, Neutral Milk Hotel, Of Montreal, Sorry About Dresdin, and others. For those familiar with the work of Bright Eyes, this new record represents a big step forward in terms of fidelity, much in part to the guidance and assistance throughout th
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