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Gate is New Zealand artist and Dead C scribe Michael Morley (with occasional assistance from Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo). This 1996 studio release-the second in Morley's "rock trilogy"-delves deeper into an opaque song style: The Monolake is a road-trip across transcendental drones and detoured records that culminates in an unbelievably heavy, meta-literal "cover" of "Jennifer" by krautrock legends Faust. (Recorded during Gate's 1994 US tour with Faust, Keiji Haino and Thurston Moore...) "As a guitarist, Michael Morley undertakes a leap of faith similar to that of rugged individualists Keiji Haino and Borbetomagus' Donald Miller, restoring devotion to his archaic instrument's electric threat through the organic mutilation of volume and lethal distortion. A low-tech delay-pedal-as-phantom-turbine is his most ubiquitous processor; an analogue synth vibrates oblique planes of sound; songs become dust, dispersed by the mercurial rhythms of undulating mirages." -THE WIRE
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