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Fairburn Royals

From a Window Way Above CD

From a Window carries the same themes and the same infectuous dreamy pop songs as its predecessor, but the band's sound has matured. The band maintains its lo-fi charm in that it doesn't let a myriad of overdubs get in the way of a good song. The Fairburn Royals were formed in December 2000 in Athens, Georgia by four friends who had grown too old for college but still had a love of performing music. Starting out as basically a four-track project, the band's sound is characterized as rough-around-the-edges lo-fi pop reminiscent of the early days of the Replacements, Pavement, or Guided by Voices. The band's lyrics draw heavily from day-to-day events we all encounter, and are at first blush simplistic. However, when put together in the context of a full record of songs, the lyrical composition actually makes a statement about everyday life.
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