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Fever in the Ice Age CD

November 2002 saw the release of 3d5spd's most mature record to date. Fever is teeming with intricate arrangements, catchy riffs, and enticing sample interludes to link the tracks together. Tracks like "This Situation" and "LightWeight" show a shift towards shorter, radio-ready compositions, but without any compromise in 3d's trademark of stellar rock composition. Other tracks, like "We Accelerate," show that 3d5spd will still throw down the gauntlet when pushed. The cohesiveness of the record is even more amazing considering that the record was recorded at two studios with two separate engineers, with overdubs and mixing done at yet a third studio with a third engineer! The first session were done at CARA Studios at Georgia State University with Wonder Arillo engineering. Later tracks were recorded at Bakos Amp Works by Jeff Bakos. Overdubs, mixing, and completion of the record was done at Southern Tracks by Karl Egsieker when he wasn't busy on the new Springsteen record. 3d5spd's (pronounced "three-dee-five-speed") origins begin back in 1995, when Justin, Chris and Sean, performed under the name Hosaka Science with another singer. Said singer departed, Chris took over vocal responsibilities, Joie joined the band, and 3d5spd was born. Lord knows where the name comes from - if you read any of the communiques issued by the band, you know they are pretty twisted. The band's sound belie influences as wide-ranging 70's progressive bands (King Crimson, Yes), modern-day psychedelia bands (Mercury Rev, Flaming Lips), experimental post-rock outfits (Tortoise, Stereolab), and guitar-bass-drums powerhouses (Jimi Hendrix Experience),
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