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Neon Hunk

Smarmymob CD

Uni-browed Casio 'n drums­fueled spasms from this Milwaukee duo. 17 blasts of thrash-level pixie-stick mayhem focusing on the universe of NEON HUNK. With a sound that has the scrappy energy of Load artists like LIGHTNING BOLT teamed up with the almighty 180 beats-per-minute (BPM) chutzpah of MELT BANANA, this release will have you surfing on your coffee table. Live shows feature a drummer clad only in a neon-colored zebra-stripe face mask and a pair of tighty-whiteys pounding out a series of jerky beats, while the similarly masked but more modestly clad keyboardist stabs single-finger death-ray riffs and yelped vocals that sound like a kidnap victim chewing her way through a gag. That's the wrap: awesome sounds of machine-age 21st-century America teamed up with eye-bulging alternate universe superhero costumery.
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