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FM Knives

Useless and Modern CD

Back in print! (also now available on ye olde tyme vinyl!) RECOMMENDED!!! Good lord, these guys rock our house!!! You think the Buzzcocks are rad? Well wait'll you hear FM Knives! Like the best moments of the Buzzcocks... but actually...gasp...better! No kidding. Listen for yourself. FM Knives features members of Nar, Rock the Light, The Pretty Girls, and a variety of other Sacramento bands that non-Sacramentans have probably never heard of. This is full-on, high-energy rock & roll reminiscent of The Kids, The Buzzcocks, The Undertones, and even early Supergrass. Bounceable...danceable... varying degrees of rudeness... it's like all those great records that no one is capable of making today and it sounds as authentic as all the classics it's influenced by.
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