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If thousands is comprised of Aaron Molina (guitars,vocals,drums,noises)and Christian McShane (keyboards,Moog,theremin,samples,loops,noises). if thousands began in 2000 as an experimental music project. When McShane, a classically trained vocalist and guitarist and Molina, a punk bassist, decided to abandon their instruments and learn completely new instruments they had no idea how to play. They chose this path in order to seek new musical territory through a naive approach. yellowstone, debuting on Alan Sparhawk's (of Low) Chairkickers' label, is a furthering of their experimentation, creation and exploration in sound.The music if thousands creates is not easy to categorize. They have been described as ambient, noise, found sound, trance-hypnotic, and drone, among many others. They were nominated by the Minnesota Music Academy for best new electronic album in 2002 and voted pick to click in Minneapolis' The City Pages Pick to Click Poll in 2001.Their music has appeared on two soundtracks, Thirteen-Twelve, directed by Andrea Lehmann (2002)and An Injury to One, directed by Travis Wilkerson for Up Front Films (2001). They were interviewed by Minnesota Public Radio in late summer, 2002 and have been the subject of many interviews and reviews, most notably for The City Pages, The Duluth News Tribune, The Ripsaw News and The Reader. In addition, their first release, Candice Recorder, (self-released) stayed on the top 20 charts for CJSF (Vancouver, BC) for 13 consecutive weeks. yellowstone is if thousands 's 2nd full-length release. The band resides in Duluth, MN.
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