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Big Buildings, Small Stars CD

Minimalist, "backporch indierock" from eskimo kiss's flagship band. Jangly guitars, danceable drumbeats, interesting basslines and male/female vocal harmonies aplenty! For fans of Blake Babies, early R.E.M., Velvet Underground, Liz Phair, etc. "... a shimmering indie gem; low-key & chill pop is the formula & they do it well. The strummy strum of track two is perfect, and many of the songs give me visions much like some poppier version of Galaxie 500 with warmer vocals... Yet track 4 sounds bouncy like an old Unrest "Cath Carroll" kinda thing, proving they can pull off sonic diversity without ruining the flow... The vocals are shared by Kim & Jeremy, and both complement each other well." - Torpedo
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