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Brave Captain

Fingertip Saint Sessions V. 1 10"

"Life is a confusion of delights. If you're fortunate, you'll spend half of it making disposable pop music that people will remember through gritted teeth, and gorgeous luscious pop music that no one will ever hear. If your name is Martin Carr, you'll have already achieved all that with the Boo Radleys and will now be wanting to walk tall with your heroes: Bill Hicks, Sylvia Plath, Jesus, Tony Hancock, et al. So you get together with a Welsh man named Gorwel and record 15 songs of string-drenched, laidback techno-textured madness--throwing six of them on an album by a band named after a FIREHOSE song ("Brave Captain"). "Raining Stones" recalls the Beach Boys' symphonic delights; "Big Red Control Machine" proves Carr's evident love for brass is not in vain; "Little Buddah" croons to itself for 22 minutes plus. The Fingertip Saint Sessions Vol 1 is the blatantly non-commercial album the Boo Radleys were forbidden to make." --Everett True. 6 tracks, UK import.
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