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Clean, The

Anthology 2xCD

One of thee most influential bands to ever emerge from the fertiile New Zealand pop scene. The band that started it all for the Flying Nun label, who issued their 1st single in 1981. Over the last 24 yrs THE CLEAN's influence on their contemporaries as well as countless others to follow has been so vast as to be hard to measure. Brothers David & Hamish Kilgour started to play in 1978, & after a few yrs found bassist Robert Scott. This collection documents their development from their humble beginning in the late 70s, up through the early 90s. Most of these tracks are hopelessly outta print or hard to find, many never saw proper release on a US label until now. If you've never heard THE CLEAN before, you've heard pieces of their garage rock/melodic & psychedlic experimentation in bands like Superchunk, Pavement, Yo La Tengo & Sonic Youth. YES!
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