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Airs Above Your Station CD

The first song on Kinski's new full-length record, Airs Above Your Station, opens with undulating waves of controlled organ feedback blending, harmonizing, rising and falling back onto itself. First one and then another layer of flute is introduced, creating a serene sense of drifting, buoyant in a benevolent, enveloping sea of sound. A gentle bed of guitars follows. Then, at about five minutes in, some buzzing distortion surfaces, cresting and passing through, making a direct line between the ears. Maybe a bit worrisome? And that's when the kick drum and crash cymbal gang up with a distortion pedal and split your head open. "Steve's Basement," it's called. Consider it an introduction and a statement of purpose.
Kinski is a (mostly...) instrumental rock quartet from Seattle. By turns melodic, swelling, roaring, propulsive, spare, and delicate, Kinski walks the margins of avant-rock with nods to Krautrock and a penchant for noisy psychedelia. And, they're certainly of a musical tradition, synthesizing influences from Neu! and Can, to Spacemen 3 and My Bloody Valentine, to Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo, to High Rise and Fushitsusha. The band self-released their first album, SpaceLaunch for Frenchie, in 1999 as a three-piece: guitar, bass and drums (courtesy of Chris Martin, Lucy Atkinson and Dave Weeks, respectively). In early 2000, the band added Matthew Reid-Schwartz on guitar and 2001's Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle (released via Pacifico Recordings) shows the four hitting a new stride. Seattle's The Stranger commented, "Highly emotive and aggressive, the aural rushes Kinski generates are unlike those of any other band currently playing in Seattle. Kinski routinely stupefies audience members with its passion and overarching force." And, Alternative Press weighed in with, "The disc makes one of the few strong arguments against the claim that rock is dead." AP later dubbed Kinski one of their "100 Bands to Watch" for 2002. The website put it a bit more succinctly: "Kinski is fucking massive."
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