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Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle CD

REPRESSED! Strange Attractors is pleased to announce two new reissues in its irregular Resurrection Series of lost gems the first two albums by Seattle's premier instrumental rockers Kinski! Originally issued in 2001 on the now-defunct Pacifico Recordings, Kinski's second full-length Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle proved that the band was ready to take on the world. Upon its release, Alternative Press enthused, "the disc makes one of the few strong arguments against the claim that rock is dead." Their first sojourn into a "real" recording studio, Kinski seized the opportunity and crafted a spacious yet immediate rock album. With nods to forbearers past and present, Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle finds the band creating their own unique sound and sonic space. Few bands before or since have matched Kinski's ability to marry delicate and heady sonics with massive, gravity-defying heaviness. This is the album that opened many doors for Kinski, including sets at Terrastock IV & V, tours with Acid Mothers Temple in the U.S. and Japan, and great international press. Now back in print, Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle is a modern classic.
Kinski seems to be obsessed with volume. Their album, Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle, is a never-ending set of crescendos and decrescendos that leave listeners with little more to do than check if their stereo equipment is working properly. The Seattle-based group specializes in instrumental rock and their musical acumen is above reproach. Tracks like "One Ear in the Sun," "Daydream Intonation," and "That Helmut Poe Kid's Weird" are wonderfully constructed. "Newport" is the only song on the album to feature vocals, and it's also one of the album's best tracks. - AMG
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