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Rules, The

The Rules CD

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! The Rules are tha bomb, and will soon be huge superstars. Or at least we hope so. They infuse incredible musicianship of multiple varieties into one tremendous melting pot of aural goodness. Slight hints of electronica groove along unsuspectingly. Intricate guitar melodies chime and churn throughout. And that kickin' rhythm section should be receiving some sort of indie Grammy award. The Rules' smooth-as-buttah writing style is bound to conjure up a good deal of comparisons from the early Thrill Jockey catalogue - hints of The Sea and Cake, Trans Am, Tortoise, etc. are plentiful. But the way they fuse the magic of jazz, indierock, electronics, and much more is unique, refreshing, and outstanding. Imagine the above bands transporting themselves back to Kraftwerk's heyday to create a soundtrack for the original Beverly Hills Cop. Or something like that. To cinch everything, they have packaged this disc in probably the most absolutely clever packaging scheme I have ever seen for a compact disc - housing it inside of a 5.25" floppy disk sleeve. If that's not genius, I don't know what is. 6 tracks, 22+ minutes.
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