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This hotly anticipated release finds two of NYC's most talked-about bands together for the first time! THE WALKMEN contain members of JONATHAN FIRE EATER and THE RECOYS, and have been gathering intense critical acclaim over the past year. Their sound is a unique blend of early (pre-dance) NEW ORDER and early (pre-LAME) U2, mixed with a little BRUCE (aka: The Boss). Their sound is honest and genuine, unlike most bands who tend to wear their inspirations on their sleeves and leave nothing to their imagination. CALLA is on loan from Young God Records (M. Gira of the SWANS' label). Their sound is a highway rising out of NICK CAVE and running deep into the dense woods of ambient, electronic textures. Along the way, CALLA hits ENNIO MORRICONE's cinematic tapestries, GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR!'s urban decay dirges, and illbient's bent beat. Disarmingly ornate melodies slip and slide out of abrasive noise collisions; sheets of sounds dwindle to tone coils that blossom into surprisingly smooth grooves, into a whirlpool of emotional depth. An incredible band, to say the least.
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