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Song Islands CD

The Microphones are the vision of a singular individual, Phil Elvrum. For over five years he has been prolifically crafting noisy pop sounds with the help of various friends and collaborators. Song Islands compiles all the Microphones singles onto one disc. Previously available only in limited quantities on 7² 45 rpm discs from such labels as Instatone, Up, K, the Bedtime Record and Coming in Second, as well as a few cassette compilations on friends¹ labels around the globe. Some of the individuals that assist Phil on this collection are Mirah, Khaela Maricich (the Blow), Karl Blau, Calvin Johnson, Jenn Kliese and Kyle Field (Little Wings). This collection traces the development of the Microphones through material that dates from the time period of the first Microphones album Tests (Elsinor) through last year¹s epic The Glow Pt. 2 (KLP133). The most recent material included on Song Islands are the songs from the International Pop Underground series 45 ³Lanterns² and ³Antlers² (IPU101), which gives the listener a foretaste of what the next Microphones album, Mt. Eerie (due January, 2003) will sound like.
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