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RECOMMENDED!! Casino made an appearance on the splendid Clairecords/midsummer madness/alison records compilation "Atlantic Flowers" earlier in the year. Their contribution "na pista" makes a second appearance here as well, nestled amidst 4 other tracks not found elsewhere. The opening track "Dia de Festa" begins in a somewhat meloncholy vein, with sad-sounding female vocals above low key instrumentation. But the disc soon turns toward sunnier ground about 3/4 of the way through providing shuffling beats and happier guitar, with "Na Pista" following suit in the second slot. Thirdly, we get "Ponte" - a lovely gently rolling track with upbeat, rolling bass, a gorgeous UK-inspired background guitar melody, a great jazzy beat, and of course Cecilia's lovely voice over it all. "Samba Dada" whisks us all away to the land of modern day Rio - you can feel the gorgeous warm breezes wash over your face as you bask in the bossa rhythms, da-da-da vocals, warm keyboards, and sunshine melodies. The disc is closed out by the bonus remix of Casa de Praia, courtesy of Fzero. Here we get Casino's trademark updated-bossa nova sound flirting with steady club lounge breakbeats and a gentle touch of phasing effects. 20 minutes of pure delight to make you crave a trip to Brazil - where's our plane tickets??
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