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Point of View Point CDEP

The new single from Cornelius is the highly inventive Point Of View Point'. This enhanced CD also features a remix from Japanese legend Yann Tomita and a CD-ROM video of Point Of View Point. Having made it's official debut at 2001's JAM exhibition at The Barbican, the video for Point Of View Point' demonstrates Keigo Oyamada's (a.k.a. Cornelius) love of the interaction between music and the moving image. A brilliantly rapid succession of movement, lights, and film clips make up a strange and mesmerising video accompaniment to the new single. Included on the hugely successful album Point, the song Point of View Point' encapsulates the raw essentials of Cornelius' music; creativity, tranquillity, ingenuity, and lyrical playfulness. The finished CD features the video in all its digital CD-ROM splendour. The video also features prominently as a back projection for the live shows ? In the meantime check the video out here at:
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