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Waving Tree

A Sunday Afternoon CDEP

This 5 song EP from the co-leader of Fantastic Something will be an auto-repeat in your hi-fi this summer. Alex Veis is a compelling vocalist and guitarist who has decided to radiate his signature songwriting appeal with his first solo project aka The Waving Tree. A Sunday afternoon is destined to be saluted not only by the devoted Fantastic Something fans (hello Japan!) but by all those who lament the erosion of traditional pop. This record has the magic and gentleness of a love poem; five songs of unprecedented melancholy and enchanted poignancy. Is this the sophisticated side of indie pop? Maybe. What is absolutely clear is that Sunday afternoon is essential for those who value music preciousness and intimacy. Your faith in human creativity will be restored with The Waving Tree! The record's strength is that the songs are incandescently catchy and bittersweet at the same time. Alex recaptures the era of songs of warmth and tenderness. Above all, there is need of simple but great pop music in this new millenium and Alex has created a record of home-made music with sincere vocals in the confines of his own living room. There is a minimalist instrumentation (think of Sarah records acts, The Hepburns or Pale Fountains) with pianos, synthy string parts, some jazzy feel, some pet sounds inflections and excellent arrangements. On a Sunday afternoon is a taste of vibrant pop, a gorgeous infectious composition of an almost Ian Broudie's Lightning seeds polish. Pillow, is an icy romantic ballad a la Ben Watt or Paul Williams. Your friend is clearly reminiscent of Go-Betweens or Postcard acts. Snowflakes returns to the calming pastoral songwriting of Mr Veis athough with some drama feel. An appropriate finale is found in Wait for me, that could be easily another classic by Fantastic Something; great soft pop with melancholic bittersweet lyrics. Alex Veis is a finest songwriter-craftsmen, maybe with the misanthrope's intent on subverting the optimism generally associated with pop music. His songs are the Mount Everest of melancholy. While he's never been afraid to take on the autobiographical aspect in his songwriting, he seems to have reached new plateaus of resolution and acceptance from the evidence provided here. Not strangely his lyrics are accurate in expressing the human soul. Sunday afternoon emerges a coherent song cycle after Fantastic something; a musical homage to loss, nostalgia, renewal and all the accompanying feelings that beset one in modern age. In a world where so much goes unexplored, pop needs some self-analysis in an always entertaining way. If you aren't already a fan of Alex Veis, this softly reflective compendium of harmonies and feelings might be a real nice place to start.
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