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Le Tigre

Remixes CDEP

After what at first would just be a release on 12", Mr. Lady Records has decided to release this fabulous dance re-mix on CD for the vinyl-ly challenged amongst us. LE TIGRE has lost no momentum with their second full-length release, Feminist Sweepstakes' and so on its heels they are now taking it to the next level. This CD of dance remixes is their vision for a hardcore dance genre infused with radical politics. Inspired by the underground club success of a number of their tracks, the band has invited NYC DJs and producers to remix songs for this vinyl only DJ-oriented release. Remixers include: REID SPEED (premier NYC two-step/speed garage/drum-n-bass DJ featured on Datcyde's Positive Climb and This Is Jungle Sky Vol. 7); THE DFA (international punk-step production team); SWIM WITH THE DOLPHINS (Johanna of LE TIGRE's techno project, featured on the Tigerbeat 6 INC comp); and DJ HAM & CHEESE ON RYE (best known for the Hot Topic remix on LE TIGRE's Wiija single).
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