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Birds Fly CDEP

Once known as ASPERA AD ASTRA, the now abbreviated ASPERA emerge once again from the Philadelphia psychedelic scene with a follow-up EP to their last long-player, Sugared and Feathered. Through a series of off-kilter singles, EPs and two full-length recordings, ASPERA has gathered disparate sounds from places both familiar and forgotten. They craft songs that are wholly pop but always possess a distinctly deviant creative longing that serves as the backbone for each release. With Birds Fly recorded at a home studio, departs off in a new direction toward a mystical place where pipe organs are more common than live drums; a place where hymns are played as though through a weather-worn carnival loud speaker; a place melodies are siphoned away from the Chariots of Fire soundtrack and sent through the classic modern warp of favored albums made by THE FLAMING LIPS, COCTEAU TWINS, and ELTON JOHN. A fantastical journey, synthesized to match a world where bird's sweet sounds make you feel jealous and alone.
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