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Welcome to the Jungle CD

Benett has been a superstar since the day she was born. Benett is the super cool burnout chick you knew in high school, the one with the Def Leppard logo painted on the jean jacket, the one who gave you your first taste of Peach Schnapps, the one that corrupted the preppies with her charm. She's emerged from the insular and hip L.A. underground rock scene that revolved around Al's Bar, bands like That Dog, The Rentals, Beck, Abe Lincoln Story, to reveal her very personal side on her extremely insane second solo album, Welcome To The Jungle. As she neared her late teens, she got involved with her first bands. Singing background vocals and playing keyboards for her friend's goth band was one thing, but things started happening when she joined up with the legendary L.A. spacepunk band Charles Brown Superstar. CBS made their mark in the early 90's with the very cool Summertime EP and the rare and coveted Days Of Our Drive/Sweet Piece Of Ass double LP. Yes, it's true. They never released a CD of it. The Gary Numan cover of Cars was worth the price alone. Benett cut her teeth in CBS, wailing and soaring, combin-ing her love of girl group vocals with the grunge Moogs of CBS. The band broke up in 1995. So, Benett went solo. She's a superstar, you know. She quickly got 'involved' with popular local Poop Alley owner and Rentals sound sculptor, Tom Grimley. Together, they formed a band and wrote the songs for her ambitious and well-received 1996's 'So You're Not Coming Over' on the WIN label. SYNCO featured a crazy combination of Motown, Eno-esque guitars, bubbly Moogs, garage rock, and Benett's catchy vocals and unique sense of melody. It wasn't long before the international underground pop scene was turned on its ear. 'Don't Mention Disco' was a mix tape cult masterpiece, copied the world over. CMJ, LA New Times, and numerous fanzines gushed over SYNCO's simplicity, soulfulness, and sincerity. It took 5 years on and off to figure out that Welcome To The Jungle was a second record. In between working on movie sets and breaking up with boys, she managed to piece together some songs. It's spilling over with emotion and strange and familiar sounds. Most of all, Benett has proven herself to write some wonderful and memorable songs. From the up Casio driven dance beats of 'Just Because I Liked You In The Summertime' to the sparkling and breezy jangle of 'Must Be The Whiskey', the album glides along like a liquor-soaked cloud on a sunny day. It's filled with surprises and wicked turns.
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