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Up is a Direction, Not a Location CD

Combining tracks from their two previous UK EPs, plus 4 brand new tracks, Callow are ready to make a splash on America shores – as well as the rest of the world – with their debut album on Red Roses For Me. They list the likes of Brian Wilson and The Flaming Lips as influences, and you can see they have that sense of ambition and willingness to experiment that is so often sadly lacking in bands today. For instance, on the new album they brought in a string quartet as well as clarinet and accordion players, but instead of just sounding like a band trying to be big and clever it worked to a glorious degree. Sound-wise, there's so much going on it's hard to pigeon hole them and expect little more than a set, expected standard of music. A classic example of this is "Lessons In Shut Eye" from the first EP. It starts off like Belle and Sebastian's "Judy and The Dream Of Horses" mixed in touches of The Pernice Brothers. And then the song just builds, with the harmonies of the chorus swirling to a great crescendo. Ben Douglas's vocals are reminiscent of the rich timbre in Joe Pernice's voice, and there are hints of the likes of Mark Eitzel in a more upbeat frame of mind. The strings can be heard to great effect on "King Beachy," where they drift in and out of the song which is held together elsewhere by just acoustic guitar and backing vocals giving—the song has a real ebb and flow, adding to its melancholy character. 12 tracks at an amazingly low price!
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