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Atlantic Flowers CD

Atlantic Flowers is a "concept compilation" of sorts. It represents three budding independent record labels centered around the Atlantic Ocean. (This all changed when Clairecords decided to become a Pacific Flower, but everything had been conceived while Clairecords resided on the east coast...) Atlantic Flowers is a showcase of current and forthcoming releases by artists on 3 labels on 3 separate continents - Clairecords (USA), Alison Records (Germany) and Midsummer Madness (Brazil). All three have one vision: to release some of the best independent music today. While the songs run the gamut from dreampop to acoustic pop to noisepop to bossanova pop (and then some!), there is still an amazing sense of cohesion among the tracks. The bands here come from a variety of nations around our globe: Germany (MALORY, PLANET 9), Brazil (CASSINO, PELVS, STELLAR), USA (AERIAL LOVE FEED, STELLA LUNA, ISOBELLA, CON DOLORE), UK (MONSTER MOVIE, THE GILBERTOS), Peru (RESPLANDOR), Australia (GENTLYFALL), Mexico (AMBIENTE), and Estonia (PIA FRAUS). Yet there is that unmistakable unity among them... they all speak the language of wonderful pop music. 11 of the 16 tracks here are either exclusive tracks or previously unreleased. The pressing is limited to just 1500 copies worldwide - 500 in each label's territories. Cover art features the ever-lovely Heather Sostrom of Clairecords. NOTE! To our European friends and our South American friends, please purchase this disc from Alison or midsummer madness (respectively) thanks!
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