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M'Lumbo vs. Kobalt 6

Spinning Tourists In a City of Ghosts CD

"Esoteric, trippy mind journeys in the manner of the Orb. On this Spinning Tourists In A City Of Ghosts, M'lumbo jump headfirst into sampling and studio wizardry, moving obliquely in various directions and often sounding a lot like the Orb in their most mind-expanding incarnation. The seven generously proportioned pieces on the CD are loosely stitched together with vocal loops, music samples, nature sounds, drones and the riff-oriented playing of the trio and guests, who can be heard on muted trumpet, sax, guitar, bass, keyboards, and percussion - generally laying down a skewed but urbane jazz-funk goove with occaisional ethnic overtones (sitar, hand percussion, etc) Sometimes, as on the long and sprawling "Soul Exchange," the thread gets lost, and the vision quest threatens to degenerate into a disjointed fever dream. Elsewhere, though, an overall shape is at least hinted at, or a direction maintained, or an atmosphere sustained - which makes most of the aural journeys on this CD well worth listening." (rated 4 out of 5) - Bill Tilland, Alternative Press
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