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Is the world ready for THE LACK? Troubleman hopes so. They are from Columbus, OH and have been playing together for over two years. Their legend is mighty, and their dedication to composing industrial mayhem is uncompromising. Sonically, they share a kinship with newer Troubleman bands like THE CHAMPAGNE KISS and SONG OF ZARATHUSTRA, mixing hardcore and industrial music- thus entering unchartered waters of the punk spectrum. In THE LACK's first published review, they were described as "a beautiful train wreck". Because of their integration of electronic music and live band, THE LACK has received comparisons to NINE INCH NAILS, THROBBING GRISTLE, and MINISTRY. Because of their futuristic and intelligent use of electronics their sound has been compared to AUTECHRE and APHEX TWIN. The group's sound has also been compared to NEW ORDER's Movement and early SKINNY PUPPY because of the union of a dark mood and elegance. Members have been known to leave the stage with broken skin and broken instruments. The parallel to the group's stage behavior is their excessive amount of musical equipment. Furnishing their own 10,000 watt PA, THE LACK has been known to project subsonic bass frequencies that send all loose objects to the floor. With a system pushing harsh frequencies that break bottles, THE LACK has been banned from various small clubs. Like the electronics, the live arrangement is also unorthodox and unique. With two full drum sets, guitars and basses, synths and vocals- performers frequently switch roles, often multiple times within one song. Between the two live drummers and electronic beats, the percussive work is highly calculated. The contrast between composed chaos and bare minimalism, driving beats and distant pulses, unfeigned melody and scripted discordance, searing organic ambiance and subsonic bass frequencies- implies sensory overload for the listening audience. The combination of this with the unique lighting and visuals create a complex and, at times, unnerving live aesthetic. The CD packaging is 100% see-thru and comes with a data file on the actual disc with the lyrics and song credits. This is a release not to be missed!
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