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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! takagi masakatsu is a video maker who creates music. takagi masakatsu is a musician who creates video. or maybe takagi masakatsu is a documentary filmmaker. which ever one you prefer, takagi is an artist who is wholly dedicated to exposing and preserving the human experience at the start of our burgeoning new century. bringing new meaning to the phrase "think globally, act locally," takagi has travelled the world collecting pieces of sound and video in which he constructs a fluid and timeless snapshot of our current human condition. takagi employs samples of speaking children with other "real" sounds such as the weather, his own piano playing, and various recorded sounds throughout his and other people's homes. after collecting this raw material, takagi blends it into his laptop arrangements and manipulations to create a very new type of ambient music. having brought his video to other japanese musician's sound pieces over the last few years, takagi has decided to go solo on both the audio and video end of things. the results of his first solo endeavor have been brought together on a 2 cd set for carpark entitled "pia." one cd comprises the melodic ambient nature of takagi's audio creations, while the 2nd cd is a cd-rom featuring 5 audio/video pieces that have been presented in various galleries and live settings throughout japan.
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