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Acuarela Songs 2xCD

Features – mostly – previously unreleased and exclusive tracks by the following artists: MARK EITZEL, NACHO VEGAS, TARA JANE O´NEIL, VIVA LAS VEGAS, PAULA FRAZER, AROAH, GREG WEEKS, PALOMA, DAKOTA SUITE, TW WALSH, SARAH WHITE, HOWE GELB, MATT WARD, AMOR BELHOM DUO, SODASTREAM, EARLY DAY MINERS, THE MOUNTAIN GOATS, THE CLIENTELE, FOR STARS, EMAK BAKIA, DIANA DARBY, DOUG HOEKSTRA, KNIFE IN THE WATER, MAGIC 12, NORFOLK & WESTERN, THE COURT AND SPARK, TRACKER, VERA CLOUZOT, VIRGIL SHAW, WILLARD GRANT CONSPIRACY and the recent additions of MOJAVE 3 and EMPTY HOUSE COOPERATIVE. A joint venture with the French label Hinah, the idea was for the word "acuarela" (or it's English and French equivalents, "watercolor" and "aquarelle") to be included somewhere in the title or the lyric of the song. Kind of like a homage, explicitly or implicitly to our label.
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