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Dan Bryk

Lovers Leap CD

Starting with a riff reminiscent of Split Enz's "I Got You" but quickly turning into an ode to game programmer Mark Turmell, you have to know that Dan Bryk is not your typical artiste. He goes on to prove this with a song lauding oversized love ("BBW") and a tribute to a never-built expressway. It doesn't sound like your typical pop record, and it's not this is geek rock of the finest variety, with the mannerisms of Pavement ricocheting off the updated classic rock sensibility of Ben Folds Five, all with Bryk's sensitive jerk lyrical spin. In other words, this is refreshingly honest stuff. Some of the material here is pretty wonko, but other bits qualify as gorgeous pop, like "I Love You Goodbye," which is probably worth the price of admission all by itself. Jim Rondellini (Matthew Sweet, Big Star) mixes most of the tracks. Not even a guest appearance by Moxy Fruvous can derail the album, which is a testimonial indeed. Sean Carruthers, AMG
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