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Internal Wrangler CD

Drawing on influences ranging from Giorgio Moroder to Can, Clinic's uniquely futuristic sound has garnered critical acclaim in the UK and quickly established a growing fanbase here in the States. Having received two NME "Singles of the Week" before they ever released an album, the band's debut was amongst the UK's most highly anticipated of last year. Aided by "The Second Line" pole-vaulting up the UK singles charts and a ringing endorsement from Radiohead, who invited the band out on their recent European tour, the album has enjoyed much success overseas and in the US on import. Clinic is set to twist the face of pop music in America. "Here is a band voracious in appettite and perverse in intent: Internal Wrangler nods to Can, Coltrane, the Velvets, Suicide, Joe Meek, and Sly's "There's A Riot," but actually sounds like nothing else you've heard before, encompassing garagey racket, hymnal sweetness and skewed electronics." -Mojo
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