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Three EPs CD

A compilation of CLINIC's first three singles, previously available on their own Aladdin's Cave of Golf Records. A spectacle concocted of catchy, dark vocals, scary Velvets guitar sound, Beach Boys melodies and a big, girly, American drum beat all wrapped up with a sentiment most people in the know share. Effortlessly finding its way to acclaim into the Top Ten in John Peel's Festive Fifty, "Monkey On Your Back" is your everyday tale of urban paranoia with nonsense and chaos playing predominantly in the lyrics and rhythm. Here they pump us with a miasmic groove in tow with aggressive Violent Femmes melodies and killer harmonies. Number 26 in the NME's Top Fifty singles of 1998. "Cement Mixer" NME Single Of The Week, plus their second entry in the NME's crucial Top Fifty singles. The band's tour shows were deemed "infectious madness" by the NME, comparable to Devo and the Velvet Underground.
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