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Mote/Dust 12"

GSL is pleased to announce a one-off release from Omaha, Nebraska's THE FAINT. Featuring 4 tracks, this vinyl-only release showcases the band's distinctive ability to craft timeless electronic pop and invoke a sense of atmosphere and purpose devoid in much contemporary "indie rock". THE FAINT's previous full-length release (Saddle Creek Records) won them a vast legion of underground followers. This EP and the subsequent album (also on Saddle Creek) will undoubtedly secure that following. THE FAINT mold a distinctive sound from a varied array of influences: COIL, DEPECHE MODE, and SOFT CELL come to mind, although the post-hardcore remnants of THE VSS and SATISFACT seem to factor considerably as well. THE FAINT, however, are technically superior to the vast majority of their peers, and that much is evident: "Dust Rises Again" (featuring BRIGHT EYES) is a concise, mesmerizing dose of electronic beats and icy synths, reminiscent of SECTION 25's classic "Looking From a Hilltop" single on Factory. Remixes of "Passives" and "Victim Convenience" (by PSYRENDUST and THE LACK, respectively) see THE FAINT pushed, pulled and manipulated in a manner not unlike the aural chop-shops of KID 606 or DISC. Finally, the fourth track, a cover of the haunting SONIC YOUTH track "Mote" is undeniably the standout here, a moody, evocative cut which successfully bridges the gap between 1990s "indie" and/or "alternative", and the currently burgeoning keyboard-driven underground. THE FAINT are an undeniably important feature on the current landscape of independent music, and this EP makes that clear.
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