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La Buena Vida

Que Nos Va a Pasar MCD

As an aperitive before tasting smoothly the long-awaited fifth album of La Buena Vida -"Hallelujah!"- we serve you an unmistakably quintessential disc worth treasuring. Ladies and gentlemen, to please the demanding public -so fond of the Spanish kings of pop- a grandiose 3 track single is released now! The musical programme consists of 3 songs: Que nos va a pasar - Se parece tanto a ti - San Francisco. The first one is the main attraction found in the album while the rest are out-takes (not included in the LP) from the Hallelujah sessions. All of them were recorded between September 2000 and February 2001 in majestic places such as San Sebastian, Madrid and Prague where they employed the services of the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Right, the cover art was designed by Javier Aramburu. This record is like a relic or antique kept in a mahogany box with red velvet: for its classicism, beauty and power to reach your heart. The diehard fans regard the musical stature of LBV as unique; not strangely the band enjoys unprecedented critical acclaim and increasing popularity. Well, more importantly, La Buena Vida dances around the territory of pure and profound feelings better than ever; with meticulous production and wise lyrics; true to their youthful ideals; adding studio wizardry and top-class strings arrangements. More than ever this is genuine La Buena Vida sound: symphonies dedicated to love, loss and the search for all that is eternal. After the hectic Summer we'll have the final collection of 11 songs. Hallelujah will bring us back the faith in pop music. The new release mixes the accessible origins of their pop charm with the orchestral and string alchemy discovered in Soidemersol and the more complex lyrics of Panorama. The warm and intimate universe of LBV at its best (just listen to the understated and mellow Se parece tanto a ti). The natural things come back to town. Autumn 2001 will be fantastic. Seasons changes, ages too but you never get disappointed with La Buena Vida.
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