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!!! (yes, that is the NAME of the band!... pronounce it "CHIK CHIK CHIK" or "POW POW POW" or any other repetitive sound X 3) was formed in 1996 at a Sacramento, CA dance party. The seven members grew up together, playing various breeds of punk and experimental music, and gradually found themselves wanting more and more to play music in the vein of the stuff they were dancing to. The point, however, was not to simply mimic it but rather, !!! sought to reinvent the sounds of CHIC, BOHANNON, JAMES BROWN, JB's,etc, pumping them full of sweaty energy and (although I imagine the band themselves would be loathe to acknowledge it) an accomplished post-punk angularity. Which is not to say !!! are a punk band, nor a funk band for that matter. They are both. And neither. This is their debut full-length release. They have taken their time with it and it shows. !!! recalls the finer moments of THE CLASH (circa Black Market), A CERTAIN RATIO,JAMES BROWN, THE METERS, LIQUID LIQUID, CHIC, PIGBAG, and others, but it's probably accidental. The record sounds amazing and the artwork is lush, vibrant and totally at odds with all the other copycat filler clogging up record stores coast-to-coast. Not to mention it got the band named ""Newcomer of the Year 2000"" by CMJ. No small feat! !!! shares 3 members with OUTHUD. They have a split 12" EP with OUTHUD available on GSL/Zum, and an earlier 7" release on Hopscotch. !!! frontman, Nic was vocalist for the infamous YAH MOS. !!! have toured the U.S. repeatedly, amassing a sizeable following based largely on their therapeutically-overamped live show.
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